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Creating the Best Landscape Design for Privacy

Backyard living space with privacy.

Backyards are like outdoor living rooms – or at least they can be. They are a place to gather and hang out with family and friends or to sit quietly by yourself, sunbathing or reading a book. Just as we do for our indoor living areas, most of us prefer to have some privacy in our backyard so that our personal events are not on display for the world to see.

Install Bubbling Rocks for Tranquility and Relaxation at Home

Bubbling rocks in nature.

Water features are one of the best additions to any home landscape. They provide a focal point, becoming the centerpiece of your landscape, and the sound of gently splashing water adds a pleasant backdrop to almost any activity. Bubbling rocks are one of the simplest, but most effective water features you can install in your landscape.

4 Reasons to Plan Your Landscape Project Early

Person planning their next landscape project.

When planning a summer landscaping project it's important to think ahead. While the winter, with the snow, cold and frozen soil may feel like an odd time to start planning a summer project it is one the best times to start doing so. By starting your project in advance you help assure its success. Here are four reasons why you should start early on your summer landscaping project.

4 Simple Garden DIY’s You Can Do in a Day

succulent centerpiece

It’s no secret, you work very hard to make your home beautiful.

Hard work can go a long way when it comes to your home. Making your living space beautiful is an ongoing project. So, it’s no wonder why you might want to spend your day off doing something productive, that will add to your homes aesthetic – especially when the sun is shining and the weather is beautiful! If you’re looking for the next stunning and functional project for your backyard, check out some of these backyard DIY’s that can be done in just a day!

How to Enhance Your Backyard This Summer

How to Enhance Your Backyard This Summer

There’s nothing like enjoying a warm summer breeze from the comfort of your beautiful backyard. Since summer is here and in full swing, why not indulge and truly enjoy your backyard? Here are a few ways that you can enhance your backyard this summer and turn it into the ultimate retreat.

Do You Know How to Seal Your Interlock?

Do You Know How to Seal Your Interlock?

Fall means shorter days and colder temperatures. And with winter soon approaching, it's the perfect time to think about getting your outdoor landscaping ready to handle the cold weather. A big part of your outdoor space is your interlocking pavers.

Do You Know How to Choose a Grill?

Do You Know How to Choose a Grill?

Welcome to the first installment of Legends Landscape Supply’s “Do You Know How” series! Just as the name implies, the “Do You Know How” series will feature easy-to-follow advice on how to accomplish DIY landscaping and gardening projects of all kinds.







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