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Do You Know How to Choose a Grill?

Do You Know How to Choose a Grill?

Welcome to the first installment of Legends Landscape Supply’s “Do You Know How” series! Just as the name implies, the “Do You Know How” series will feature easy-to-follow advice on how to accomplish DIY landscaping and gardening projects of all kinds.

Study Up Before Summer - How to Lay Slabs

Study Up Before Summer - How to Lay Slabs

Feeling cold weather slowly give way to spring feels like a triumph every year, especially after these long Ontario winters. Unfortunately, all that melting snow can reveal cracked concrete and other outdated landscaping elements that will need to be taken care of when summer hits.

How to Build Steps with Stone

Natural stone steps surrounded by flowers and greenery.

Natural stone is a versatile material that can help to create an elegant entranceway. From natural and informal steps throughout your landscape to formal entryways, our experts at Legends Landscape Supply have seen it all. Though natural stone may seem like a challenging material to work with, it’s actually no more difficult than any other product. Not to mention that building your own stone steps can be a rewarding and fun project for creative do-it-yourselfers.

In this article, we walk you through the process of building your own steps with stone.

Tips for Installing Patio Pavers

Building your own outdoor patio is one of the most rewarding do-it-yourself projects for homeowners that enjoy backyard landscaping. While there is some real work involved, building a patio is not too difficult if you have a little bit of know-how. Here are few important guidelines to prepare for and install your patio pavers.

Pond Landscaping Done Right

Pond Landscaping Done Right

Designing and building your own pond or water feature will be more fun and fulfilling than any other landscaping project in your yard. We all enjoy being around water, even something relatively small like a backyard pond. As a living ecosystem it will be constantly changing; a dynamic landscape feature that provides soothing sounds and views into a mysterious world.


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