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Always our first choice for Landscape Supply! Exceptional Service, Extremely Knowledgeable & Helpful with every project we do! I would definitely recommend these guys to anyone!

  • Atd Atd

Trust their knowledge

I was preparing for a do-it-yourself project when I went to Legends Landscaping with my design. I knew nothing about working with stone, but they led me through the whole process and I was able to do it. Trust their knowledge. They told me exactly what I needed, delivered it to me, and didn't oversell. The customer service is great.

  • Bud Vallee

Great product, great service, & great value for your money

My experience with Legends Landscape was good. We did a major landscaping in the front and back of our house. They had a good handle on what we needed to do. They were really helpful and provided great customer service. I would totally recommend them.

  • Christina Geissler

The quality and variety of product was outstanding

Not only was the service I received excellent, but the quality and variety of product was outstanding as well!

  • David Newton

I liked their service

Legends Landscape helped me pick out the rocks and all the material to create some fountains. They provided prompt, good service and reasonable prices.

  • George Voelk

It was enjoyable

Legends Landscape was very helpful. They explained the techniques and processes for us which is something we were looking for. It was a good experience. They coached us and did it well.

  • Joseph Weber

Client to contractor feedback

It is a really great conversation when you refer a client to a supplier and the client calls you back saying they had a really positive experience. This is what happens when clients go to Legends to review paver options! Thank you Legends for making our job that much easier.

  • Kim Barz

Knowledgeable company

I really appreciated Ross's expertise from Legends Landscape. He provided good information on the products. He told me about the quality of the stone and where it was manufactured. He gave great advice on how I should care for it and the products I should use.

  • Steve B., Reflections Auto


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