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How to Budget for a Landscaping Project

Beautiful backyard landscape design project.

Wouldn't it be nice if you had unlimited money for your next landscaping project – or better still, that a magic genie would appear and – poof! – your project would be done? Well if you're like most of us you have neither, and that means the best way to make sure your project is completed without draining your bank account is to establish a budget right from the start.

Simple Steps to Winterize Your Landscape - 2 Ways

Frozen pine needles in the winter.

Let’s face it: if you live in Canada, chances are you’re going to encounter winter weather at some point. Both you and your landscape can be affected by winter characteristics, such as blistering winds, below-freezing temperatures, and tons of snow to shovel.

If your landscape isn’t properly winterized, the winter weather can inflict damage and harm greenery. After all the hard work that you put into your home over the spring and summer, it would be such a disappointment to let it go to waste.

Let’s dig in and explore the basics of winterizing your landscape.

The Secrets to Getting the Perfect Lawn in 4 Simple Steps

Perfect Green Lawn

There’s no doubt about it, everybody wants the perfect lawn. The way the evergreen colour flourishes can truly improve the aesthetic of your property. It can help provide a balance between walkways, porches, flower gardens, and other outdoor features. The question is, how does one grow and maintain the perfect lawn? Well, follow these four simple guidelines, and you can enjoy an extravagant lawn – all summer long! 

Composting in the Winter - Can it be Done?

Composting in the Winter - Can it be Done?

The ambient heat of spring and summer are ideal for composting, but that does not rule out winter composting. Do you really want to  give up a quarter of the year as unproductive time? That is three long months of adding organic waste to the trash stream instead of the compost pile.

Solutions for Your Wet Yard

There's nothing like some melting snow and seasonal rains to point out drainage problems on your property. From muddy puddles in your yard that can kill your vegetation to standing water that makes hardscaping like paths and patios unusable, rainwater and snowmelt can cause significant problems. Over time, water can even seep into cracks in your home or building foundation or make retaining walls and other hardscaping elements unstable.


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