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The 4 Best Mosquito Repellent Plants In 2024

Lavender plants in a beautiful field at golden hour.

After all of the time and hard work you’ve put into your landscape, it’s time to sit back and relax. Your landscape project is your masterpiece and you deserve to enjoy it. Indulging in the benefits of your backyard can often be difficult when pesky mosquitos won’t leave you alone.

Bug spray and other remedies only work so well, so why not repel them from your property altogether? 

With the help of certain plants, you can naturally repel mosquitos in an aesthetically-pleasing way. Here are some plants that you can add to your landscape to repel pesky bugs!

4 Reasons to Plan Your Landscape Project Early

Person planning their next landscape project.

When planning a summer landscaping project it's important to think ahead. While the winter, with the snow, cold and frozen soil may feel like an odd time to start planning a summer project it is one the best times to start doing so.

By starting your project in advance you help assure its success. Here are four reasons why you should start early on your summer landscaping project.

5 Fragrant Flowers You'll Love That Bloom at Night

5 Fragrant Flowers You'll Love That Bloom at Night

A beautiful garden landscape can transform your backyard into an oasis with a range of colourful blooms and floral scents. Planning your garden to include flowers that bloom both during the day and at night is a great way to keep your garden looking picture perfect at any hour! In this article, we list five fab fragrant flowers that bloom at night that are sure to stun after the sun sets. Keep reading to find out more!

Lifehack Your Way to Gardening Success

Lifehack Your Way to Gardening Success

Gardeners and landscapers are always looking for tips and tricks to make outdoor life a little easier. While most of us have heard of lifehacks, garden hacks are not as well known. The best hacks will save you money, reduce your work effort and achieve better results. Other hacks are just cool, clever ideas that seem like fun to try.

Composting in the Winter - Can it be Done?

Composting in the Winter - Can it be Done?

The ambient heat of spring and summer are ideal for composting, but that does not rule out winter composting. Do you really want to  give up a quarter of the year as unproductive time? That is three long months of adding organic waste to the trash stream instead of the compost pile.

4 Cool Outdoor Fire Pit Designs for Your Yard

4 Cool Outdoor Fire Pit Designs for Your Yard

Fire pits have become increasingly popular in recent years as more and more homeowners look for ways to make their outdoor areas more inviting and relaxing. A well-designed fire pit can provide a great place for gathering with family and entertaining friends. When it comes to designing a fire pit for your home, there are lots of options available.


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