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Year-Round Landscaping and Gardening Guide

Year-Round Landscaping and Gardening Guide

Who doesn’t want a landscape they can enjoy all year-long?

With the right technique and maintenance strategy, it’s possible to enjoy your property throughout the year. If certain aspects of your landscape aren’t cared for, you risk long-term damage, unsightly results, or costly repairs. Specific planning techniques, products and care can contribute to long-lasting results. You should always refer to any specific product care guidelines provided by your installer. Here are some basic landscape maintenance guidelines you can follow to get started.

Lawn and Garden Care

Let’s begin in the springtime.

Your lawn and garden undoubtedly needs lots of TLC during the spring months. Your grass will grow as the temperature rises, meaning that your lawn is going to require both water and fertilizer. Spring fertilizer will be high in nitrogen, which will help encourage the grass to grow. Laying turf is best done in the early spring, because there is a lower risk of frost and the soil is much more workable. You should also plan to sow your seeds as the soil begins to warm up and rain falls more frequently, which can help encourage germination. You should mow your lawn about once a week with the mower at it’s highest setting (roughly 2.5 cm or 1 inch) for the best results. You should also plan to scarify, aerate, and water your lawn to promote circulation through the soil and optimal growth.

Your lawn can easily become stressed throughout the summer because of dry and hot temperatures. While the weather is excessively dry and hot, you should avoid techniques like:

  • Aerating
  • Scarifying
  • Fertilizing
  • Mowing
  • Removing weeds

These techniques can easily stress and scorch your lawn in the summertime. Using liquid fertilizer can be a useful alternative during dry periods if your lawn needs a boost. While the weather is moderate, you should plan to mow your lawn twice a week, pull weeds, and water regularly. Try setting out a sprinkler and giving your lawn a good watering during the evening, while the sun is setting.

Fall is the best time for any lawn renovations, as this is the best time for your grass to recover and prepare for the winter months. You should winterize your lawn in the fall, using techniques like aerating and scarifying, while also applying a top-dressing and laying sod. You should apply a fertilizer that’s high in potassium to help the grass toughen up for cold temperatures. Read more about preparing your landscape for winter here!

There isn’t much that can be done for your lawn and garden in the winter, especially once the snow has fallen. The most you can do is ensure that all leaves are removed and that residents and visitors aren’t walking on the lawn, which can cause damage.

Maintaining Pathways, Patios and Steps

After all your hard work and dedication, you should take pride in your beautiful landscape results. High-quality products and expert workmanship can result in beautiful pathways, patios and steps that can be enjoyed for years to come. The best way to ensure long-lasting results is to perform regular maintenance. Some techniques can easily be completed during the week, like sweeping, removing debris, and rinsing with a hose. If puddled water and leaves are left, they can stain and even damage your stone walkways and patios.

Use a nylon brush when cleaning any built-up dirt and grime to avoid damaging the stone. If you have patio furniture, ask a friend or family member for help when moving the pieces. Dragging furniture across your stone patio can scratch the stone and leave unsightly results. Speak with one of the experts at Legends Landscape today to learn about how you can properly seal your stone and flagstone walkways, patios and steps for added protection.

Year-Round Planning for Flowers

The right garden and flower plan can add colour to your landscape throughout the year. You can complete research on different types of plants and flowers to find out which season they bloom and thrive in.

Here are some flowers, plants and trees that you can incorporate in your garden for year-round beauty:

Spring: Bleeding Hearts, Peony’s, Foxgloves

Summer: Lavender, Hydrangeas, Roses, Daylily’s

Fall: New York Aster, Sedum, Mexican Bush Sage, Sumas, Sassafras

Winter: Evergreen Tree (with red berries), Holly, Hawthorne, Red-Twin Dogwood Tree, Crape Myrtle Tree

There are many things that you can do to maintain and boost your landscape project throughout the year for stunning results. For more ideas and information, contact our team of landscape experts at Legends Landscaping. We’re happy to help you explore techniques to give your landscape the refreshed and resilient look you’ve been waiting for.







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