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Which Color Mulch Should I Choose? 3 Best Types

Wheelbarrow being used to distribute black mulch.

As you begin the process of revitalizing your landscape this spring, consider the mulch you will add to your garden and outdoor property. While you may think it’s easy to choose a mulch, the color you pick can have a lasting effect on the aesthetic and curb appeal of your home.

In this article, we’re going to review some factors that may help you to make the best choice.

Which Mulch is Best? 3 Types

While there are many types of mulch available to you, including organic (hardwood chips, straw, grass clippings, and crushed leaves) and inorganic (pebbles, crushed rocks, or chips), for the purpose of this article we will be primarily focusing on hardwood chips.

1. Red Mulch

Red mulch is an ideal solution if your home, plants, and landscape feature lighter colors, as there is a better contrast. It also provides a great choice for those with a rock garden.

2. Brown Mulch

Brown mulch is a neutral choice that many homeowners opt for. It can easily complement homes and gardens of all colors, helping both light and dark plants to appear more vibrant. If the elements of your home feature a variety of colors and shades, brown is a universal choice that can bring unity to your outdoor space.

3. Black Mulch

Modern and stylish, black mulch can easily help you to make a statement. Darker-coloured homes and gardens featuring deeper greens are often the best choice for black mulch. Black mulch is often longer-lasting due to its darker color, so you can expect an entire season of uninterrupted use.

Choosing Your Mulch

While these guidelines can help you to get started, it all comes down to your unique home and landscape, and your personal preferences. If your home is red brick, it may be a good idea to steer clear of red mulch and instead opt for brown, as it can provide a neutral contrast.

If you’re having trouble choosing the right one for your home, take a look through a DIY landscaping magazine for landscape design ideas or simply take a drive through your neighborhood. Chances are there might be other houses near you that are similar in appearance, so you can see what they chose for their mulch.

6 Best Benefits of Mulch

There are many benefits to adding mulch to your landscape, including but not limited to:

  1. Adds style and unity to the appearance of your home
  2. Retains moisture within the soil
  3. Improves soil health
  4. Protection from erosion and mechanical injury
  5. Repels certain insects
  6. Can reduce the growth of weeds

For optimal appearance and effectiveness, we suggest applying at least two inches of mulch to your garden area. When shopping for mulch, be sure to bring the dimensions of your garden area with you to ensure that you purchase enough.

You may need to top it up throughout the season, so be prepared to have a little extra saved. Once the mulch has been laid and distributed, give it an even watering to give it moisture and prevent it from blowing away.

Legends Landscape Supply

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