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What Does It Mean to Be ICPI Certified?

The Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute, headquartered in Canada in Uxbridge, ON, represents more than 900 interlocking pavement designers, contractors, suppliers and manufacturers throughout North America.

The Scope of ICPI’s Industry Support

Besides publishing Interlock Design magazine, ICPI maintains the North America’s largest archive of technical publications and design galleries. It administers professional certifications and continuing education programs for contractors, designers and installation technicians that ensure home, commercial and government projects are accomplished with the latest techniques, materials and industry best practices. 

The Advantages of Interlocking Concrete Pavers

Segmental paving products have seen a steady increase in demand for several decades. Following World War II the Dutch used segmented paving to replace brick pavements damaged during the war, and they have been a desirable fixture for property owners ever since. These products have a number of benefits making them superior to poured concrete or asphalt pavements:

  • Low initial and lifetime costs
  • No surface cracking
  • Permeable pavers reduce stormwater runoff and pollution
  • They withstand repeated freeze-thaw cycles, salts and snowplows without damage
  • Underground repairs do not require new pavement materials once work is finished as the original pavers can be reused
  • The vast variety of designs, textures, colors and sizes of interlocking pavers make them ideal for implementing eye-catching designs

However, most of these advantages of segmental concrete paving systems are moot if they are not installed correctly with proper preparation and the latest tools and techniques. This is why the ICPI works to keep ICPI certified installers up to date on the latest product advancements, techniques and specialty applications.

ICPI certification shows  homeowners the contractor and installation technicians have a commitment to complying with nationally accepted guidelines, to improving their skills and to offering homeowners a quality job at the lowest cost in the least time.

ICPI Education Requirements

ICPI certified installers receive education in all aspects of installation including job planning, base preparation, material selection and more. ICPI training includes specific classes for residential paver installation. These courses cover job planning and estimating, evaluation of subgrade soils, aggregate selection, compaction techniques, paver maintenance and job safety.

Advanced courses teach technicians specialized techniques for applications such as multilevel patios, outdoor kitchens, fire pits, pool decks and steps. ICPI certified designers take advantage of the industry’s largest archive of design galleries to assure homeowners not only receive a durable, long-lasting installation, but one that also provides enduring beauty.

Contractors and installers are required to maintain their ICPI certification by completing a minimum of 8 hours of continuing education related to installation, equipment, materials, safety and design each two-year certification period. You can be confident that they are bringing the latest industry knowledge to your project.

Professional Installation Provides the Most Value

Professional planning, cost estimation, material selection and installation mean that homeowners who use ICPI certified installation services receive the best value for the money spent. They are trained in the latest equipment and techniques for efficient installation as well as how to reduce dust, noise, and disruption to the homeowner’s daily routine

At Legends Landscape Supply, we only recommend ICPI certified installers to our clients. Contact us today to see how we can put a certified technician to work for you.


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