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6 Best Landscape Equipment & Supplies You Should Have

Shovel in dirt.

Landscaping is part art, part skill. Some people have been landscaping for years and have developed their own techniques for managing and grooming their homestead. This has allowed them to manage their home in a way that some people would need to hire a professional for as well as allow them to give a personalized touch to their property at a likely lower cost.

If you’re looking to begin your own journey in landscape management, you’ll need to properly prepare not just in terms of practice but in actual equipment. Like an artist, you’ll need to have the right palettes, paintbrushes, and even erasers to make something truly impactful.

Why Having Your Own Equipment Matters

Maintaining your property isn’t as difficult as it may seem. At first, you may be overwhelmed by the number of tasks that need to be done in order to maintain proper upkeep, but with enough repetition, you’ll likely get a hang of what needs to be done the most and find your own rhythm in how to execute each task.

As repetition is a key factor in any skill worth practicing, it’s important to have your own proper equipment for the task at hand. Borrowing equipment is good for temporary needs, but you wouldn’t want to wear out tools that don’t belong to you.

Plus, having your own tools gives you the option of picking the types of tools you’ll need the most for your situation.

To help steer you in the right direction, we’ve collated 5 of the most important tools we believe should be in the garage of any budding landscaper.

The 6 Best Landscape Equipment and Supplies You Should Definitely Have

1. Shovel

The trusty shovel should be on every landscaper’s equipment shed, which is why we’re putting it first on our list. A good shovel can help you move around dirt, cement, gravel, and even snow when the climate begins to turn towards the colder months.

Most people wouldn’t even begin to think about the quality of the shovel they have at home, but once you have one break on you during a particularly tough task, you’ll wish you picked your shovel with a bit more care.

That’s not to say that picking a shovel is particularly hard. Simple tips are to avoid the cheapest option available at the store as well as anything made out of plastic.

You’ll want something made out of a good iron composite or stainless steel, as well as a good body and handle made out of wood, metal, or a combination of both. Like any tool, a good shovel will need maintenance over long periods of use.

2. Lawn Trimmer

A landscaper won’t be complete without a lawn trimmer of sorts. Every homeowner has different contexts of the kind of work that needs to be done, so we hesitate to recommend any single type of lawn trimmer currently in the market.

The most standard equipment you can get would likely fall under the lawnmower category, which consists of a motorized grass cutter situated on two to four wheels that is maneuverable through an extended handle frame.

Some homeowners can also opt for grass trimmers, commonly known as weed whackers, as these can help you get rid of pesky weeds as well as trim down detailed areas of your lawn.

3. Shears

For more intricate detailing tasks, a reliable pair of shears will be extremely useful in your landscaping efforts. Like the shovel we mentioned, you’ll want to ensure that your shears are of good quality so that they don’t dull out too fast when using them regularly.

With shears, you’ll want to keep their usage towards specific tasks like hedge trimming or vine management as using them for non-specified purposes can rapidly deteriorate the blade on your shears.

Like shovels, pick shears based on the durability of the metal as well as the hinges that keep the scissor blades together. Regularly sharpen these blades and you’ll find that your shears will keep cutting like the day you bought them.

4. Proper Safety Clothing (Gloves, Aprons, etc).

While this entry doesn’t pertain to a singular specific piece of equipment, we realized it best to illustrate the importance of having as much safety clothing possible for landscaping, especially if you’re a beginner.

This encompasses a large array of items, such as safety gloves to avoid any cuts that come with yard work as well as work dungarees that can keep your home clothes clean and any hard objects from piercing your body.

Goggles, helmets, and additional safety equipment are also recommended for those expecting to do a lot more work such as minor construction and repairs.

5. Gravel

It might seem odd to put this on the list, but the usefulness of loose gravel for a landscaper is almost limitless and bound only by the landscaper’s own imagination. With proper gravel, you can start laying out pathways, segment growing zones, create contrast between similar species of plants, and even create washing areas for backyards with pools.

6. Fertilizer

Last on our list is one of the most basic things a landscaper ought to have: quality fertilizer. Though one should avoid stockpiling fertilizer as these can be hazardous in large amounts (especially chemical variants).

But having good non-commercial fertilizer can go a long way in improving the health and maintenance of the growing grass, bushes, and other plants in your yard.

Final Thoughts on Landscaping Equipment

There are likely more than these items that seasoned landscapers would recommend when starting out your own project.

If you find that you’re struggling with a particular concept, don’t hesitate to reach out to the experts at Legends Landscape Supply Inc. to see how best they can assist in your situation.


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