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Does Your Patio Need a Sealer?

Want to ensure your interlocking patio looks great for a long time? Don't neglect sealing it. Make sure you chose a quality paver first that offers and advanced pigment process.  Also chose products that offer colour all the way through the paver- this will help prevent fading due to minor erosion.

If you’ve had your interlocking surface for a few years, you might remember how bright and vibrant it looked when first installed. It is no surprise that over time, pigment can fade. After all- it is constantly exposed to the sun, rain and snow.

Most quality pavers can be brightened up by simply cleaning them properly with a pavement cleaner before sealing.  It is recommended to clean with efflorescence cleaner, even if it is brand new.  Always wait 60 days before sealing any new concrete paving job. Efflorescence is a natural occurrence in concrete products when they are exposed to natural elements.  Rain and cool nights increase the speed at which efflorescence can show up in a job.  But don’t worry, it natural and if it happens (5% chance of no efflorescence in high quality pavers) it only happens at the start of the life cycle of a paver.  After 60 days it will wash away and never come back.

Misconceptions About Concrete’s Maintenance Requirements

Most homeowners will opt for brick patios rather than a wood deck because of the maintenance issue- concrete is maintenance free, right? Not entirely. Concrete acts like a sponge, and can absorb unfavorable materials.

Using a Sealer Will Prevent All Types of Damage

  • Engine oil and brake fluid stains
  • BBQ grease and staining food/drink (red wine, oils)
  • Tree berries, sap and leaves
  • Acid rain degradation
  • Chorine or lawn chemical damage
  • Loss of joint polymeric sand and weeds growing in joints

What are sealers & how do they work?

Sealers prevent the brick from absorbing any of the above, making them easier to clean.  It also increases the life of the paver and maintains that new look longer. Paving stone and concrete treatments are generally made up of polymers, catalysts, and sunscreens that form a protective layer. The solids ingredients of a sealer are usually acrylics, urethanes, epoxies, or pigments. These solids are determined based on the properties of the surface and its use: ie: high traffic - hard surface vs. lightly traffic – hard surface. They can range from dull to high gloss. They are usually applied as part of a 3 step process on existing surfaces:

  • Remove stains that already exist on the surface to prevent locking them in
  • Remove general dirt and debris from the surface
  • Roll on the sealer and let dry completely

On a new surface, sealer can be applied without the stain removal process.  It is very important to note the drying time and conditions of when to apply sealers.  Some dry in 5 minutes and others take 8 hours.  If a rain occurs during the drying process, then white spotting can occur.

What You’ll Find at Legends Landscape Supply

We carry the highest quality treatments to protect our beautiful patio stones. Here’s some info about our supplier: STONESAVER products are designed by licensed chemists and have been put to the test with thousands of hours of QUV testing, shelf life testing, wear testing, blush testing, freeze-thaw cycle testing and stain resistance testing. Our formulations are premium and our products are manufactured in an ISO rated and fire code compliant chemical plant. We ship from a 25,000 square foot warehouse with bonded, insured T. D. G. certified carriers only. We are fully insured and offer unparalleled technical assistance to our customers. All our product labels are CCR compliant 2004.

Stop in Today & Salvage Your Patio

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