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  • Water Features

    Bring the tranquility of nature to your backyard

    Capture the peacefulness of nature by introducing a water feature into your property.

Bubbling Rocks

Bubbling Rocks

Bring the Tranquil Sound of Trickling Water to your Backyard

Want to enjoy the sound of gently falling water while you’re working in the yard, having your morning coffee, or while entertaining guests? Bubbling rocks are the perfect low maintenance feature to add more dimension to your landscape.

We Make Them in-House

Our gorgeous focal points are drilled from natural rock that we have at our showroom. Sold separately are the pump, hose, and basin to complete your bubbling rock. Depending on the size of rock you choose, they can be picked up or delivered to your location.

All bubbling rocks should start with a sturdy base. Invest in a basin that fully supports the weight of your rock, and that will last a lifetime. The basin must be large enough to catch all of the splash, and your pump should be set to the proper flow for the height of your rock. We’re here to support you, come to our showroom for help determining what is best for you. 

Hand Picked Just For You

Visit our showroom to browse the many different sizes and shapes of rocks that are available to select for your future water feature. Over the years, we have learned what customers look for in a bubbling rock, thus we have evolved to offer a great selection of pre-drilled rocks to choose from. 

Do I need a Pond?

No. you don’t! Bubbling rocks are usually self-contained units where the water is recycled through a basin. Your bubbling rock feature can be made to look larger than it is or it can blend right in to your yard through creative landscape illusions. 

Low Maintenance Beauty

The only maintenance that is required to prolong the lifetime of your gorgeous water feature is to remove the pump during the winter and add water as required. 

Looking for Advice?

We employ a professional team that possesses the knowledge to bring your ideas to light. Stop by our showroom, we can make recommendations that will help you to create your natural sanctuary. 

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